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  • Sony Music India Receives ICC Social Impact 2021 Award
  • Mar 12, 2021

In collaboration with Green Yatra, Sony Music India is turning what used to be a dumping ground (Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai) into an urban forest through the Miyawaki method. 40,000 trees have been planted so far over three acres of land, which will mature into a completely maintenance free, wild and native forest. This area will be developed further into Asia’s first man-made Bio-Diversity park.

Sony Music India’s urban forestation project won the 2021 India Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Social Impact Award for Urban Reforestation.

Sony Music India’s mission is to be a socially responsible organization through employee and artist involvement, and contributing to ongoing efforts by specialists in the areas of education and social development, and environment. In 2019, Sony Music India took up the goal to become a carbon-neutral organization in five years—this Miyawaki forest is the first step among many more to come.

Commenting on the partnership, Pradeep Tripathi, Co-founder of Green Yatra, said, “A 40,000+ plants Miyawaki Forest has been completed and we have many more to go. We are doing our bit to make Mumbai greener, pollution free and healthy to live in. Thanks to Sony Music Entertainment India and their wonderful team who have supported this Urban Forestation with such dedication.”

Sony Music India Receives ICC Social Impact 2021 Award

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