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  • Inside Sony Music: Hispanic Heritage Month and BAILA Dance Lessons
  • Oct 15, 2020
Inside Sony Music: Hispanic Heritage Month and BAILA Dance Lessons

We’re proud to highlight the contributions, culture and impact of the Latinx experience in music and the nation. Sony Music has been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with events and programming anchored around four main themes: MUSICA, SABOR, COLOR and BAILA.

MUSICA inspired this curated playlist from Sony Music Latin. SABOR came to life through a mini-series featuring artists from Sony Music Latin cooking their own favorite cuisines. COLOR will be represented by an internal-only artist roundtable event. 

Earlier this month, BAILA featured virtual dance lessons with the Miami-based Salsa Kings. Each lesson highlighted a difference dance style, representing different regions: Flamenco, which originates in Spain, was chosen to include the Spanish culture within our celebration of Hispanic Heritage. Samba represents our Brazilian family. Salsa shows the Colombian flair. Tango represents the Argentinian group and their elegant style of living. Finally, Bachata shows how the Caribbean likes to party.

“These dance lessons tie in with our business in a very direct way,” says Pedro Gimenez-Zapiola, from the Sony Music Latin HR team. “In my opinion, music and dance are a form of expression and we can’t have one without the other. As Hispanics, we like to express the importance of joy and togetherness through dance and song, and that’s how we want everyone at Sony Music Latin to feel, happy and included. Moreover, if you have ever been to a Hispanic gathering, you are, at any point in time, seconds away from breaking into dance or song. So we felt that we should teach those that don’t know how to express themselves through dance, our beautiful way of unloading a long work day!” 

Below, we’re sharing the dance lesson videos for everyone else to get in on the celebration.


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