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  • Sony Music Group Launches First Official Global Scholars Program For 2022-2023 Academic Year
  • Jun 28

Applications Open Today for Full-Time Students Studying Music or Music-Business Related Fields

New York, NY – June 28, 2022 – Sony Music Group (SMG) today announced the Sony Music Group Global Scholars Program, a new initiative designed to provide scholarships for students around the world enrolled in a wide range of leading music and music business-related fields of study at accredited colleges and universities. SMG’s goal is to help lessen the financial burden for up to 50 students from diverse backgrounds. Students will receive annual financial support for the period of the degree program or upon completion, whichever is sooner, depending on financial need and region.

The Sony Music Group Global Scholars Program will provide a wide range of enrichment programs for accepted students—including advanced instruction and support for university assignments as well as structured events and webinars to connect students with SMG and industry experts—to cultivate an international cohort of future music industry professionals. 

In countries where college and university is publicly funded or subsidized, student applicants are eligible to apply for funding to assist with mandatory university costs such as such as for books, equipment, university service costs and more. The program’s funding has been provided by Sony Music Group’s Global Social Justice Fund, which is dedicated to supporting anti-racist initiatives and educational opportunities globally that foster equal rights.

Launching today with online applications, eligible candidates include those planning to enroll full-time in an accredited college or university degree in music or music business-related fields during the 2022-2023 academic year. Additional information can be found here:

“We look forward to awarding these scholarships to an incredible group of recipients that have excelled academically and exude a passion for music,” said Towalame Austin, Executive Vice President, Philanthropy and Social Impact, Sony Music Group. “Through the power of education, this signature program will provide opportunities for the music industry’s next generation of global leaders to bring diverse perspectives to corporations, artists, songwriters and composers.”

The program is a partnership between Sony Music Group and The Institute of International Education (IIE). This global not-for-profit will administer the international application portal and provide a wide range of management and evaluation services. 

“We are honored to be working with Sony Music Group on this incredible new scholarship program – the onlyone of its kind in the world to focus on creating access to education and careers in music. We look forward to collaborating with SMG to build a diverse, global cohort full of talented young people in the industry and applaud Sony for its landmark investment in creating a more diverse, equitable future,” shared IIE’s Senior Vice President Jonah Kokodyniak.

Sony Music Group’s Global Scholar Program expands the company’s dedication to recruit and advance underrepresented talent through educational partnerships, internships, and career advancement opportunities. We continue to work alongside equity-driven organizations and our own communities to engage with some of the brightest students from around the world to build stronger opportunities for the next generation of music industry leaders.

  • New Season of Acclaimed Podcast Series From Neon Hum, Spectacle: True Crime, Premieres Today
  • Jun 23

New Season Explores Our Cultural Fascination with True Crime; First Episode is Available Now

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New York and Los Angeles – June 23, 2022– Neon Hum, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) Global Podcast Division, today announced the third season of its critically acclaimed podcast, Spectacle, with the premiere of Spectacle: True Crime, an examination of the true crime genre and our society’s incredible fascination with murder, serial killers and more. Hosted by pop culture journalist Mariah Smith, the 12-part series explores our cultural obsession with true crime, from Ted Bundy and the Menendez Brothers to falling asleep to Dateline and “prestige true crime.” 

The new season of Spectacle delves into the history of true crime, why we love it and what that fascination says about us. From the cases that shook us to our core, to the passionate audiences its developed, Spectacle: True Crime analyzes the deep cultural impact and stereotypes true crime has reinforced in our culture; the genre has simultaneously stoked our most primal fears, reaffirmed our safety, and transformed us into armchair prosecutors. 

In the first episode, Spectacle puts two true crime icons side by side: In Cold Blood and Serial. Both changed the true crime game, elevating it beyond tabloids and cable TV and exposing it to all new “highbrow” audiences. The episodes also dissects the successful true crime trope of getting close to the killer. 

“True crime has become one of the most popular entertainment genres around the world,” said host Mariah Smith. “I’m excited to explore how and why true crime has taken hold of the cultural imagination and have fascinating conversations about the rise of social media sleuths, the celebritization of serial killers, ‘missing white woman syndrome,’ and more.”

Spectacle: True Crime is produced by Joanna Clay and Jonathan Hirsch is Executive Producer. Catherine Saint Louis is the Executive Editor. 

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Listeners can subscribe to Spectacle: True Crime on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. For more information on Spectacle: True Crime and all other Sony Podcast shows, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

New Season of Acclaimed Podcast Series From Neon Hum, Spectacle: True Crime, Premieres Today
  • Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin, New Investigative Podcast That Explores the Business of Puppy Laundering, Premieres Today
  • Jun 16

New Season of Smoke Screen From Neon Hum Uncovers a Multi-Million Dollar Puppy Laundering Scheme 

Subscribers to “The Binge” Can Listen to All Episodes, All At Once Starting Today

New York and Los Angeles – June 16, 2022 – Neon Hum, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) Global Podcast Division, today launched Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin, season four of its hit investigative podcast seriesthat examines an apparent scheme to illegally sell puppy mill dogs, also known as “puppy laundering.” All episodes of the shocking series are available today on “The Binge,” SME’s one stop destination to binge all episodes of new series each month on the day of its premiere. 

Hosted by investigative journalist Alex SchumanSmoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin will expose one of the masterminds running and controlling the puppy-selling industry. The series shines a spotlight on Jolyn Noethe, a secretive business woman from Iowa who is the target of four lawsuits, and unravels the complex scheme that Noethe and others are accused of running for years to hide puppies’ true origins from pet owners and government regulators. The seven-episode podcast will also highlight the first legal case accusing someone of laundering puppies and showcase the growing concern among consumers, animal rights activists, and law enforcement that pet owners are being tricked into buying mistreated animals. 

Puppy Kingpin unravels a complex scheme to go around the growing number of laws designed to stop animal cruelty,” said host Alex Schuman. “This podcast will hopefully empower consumers to avoid the layers of deception and misdirection they can face when they want to bring home a healthy puppy. Our investigation became about so much more than dogs, but at the heart of it is the pets we love.”

Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin is a production of Neon Hum Media. It is reported, hosted and written by Alex Schuman. The lead producer is Natalie Rinn and the editor is Catherine Saint Louis. The associate producer is Chloe Chaobal and managing producer is Samantha Allison. Executive producer at Neon Hum is Jonathan Hirsch.  Subscribers to “The Binge” can listen to all seven-episodes of Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin all at once today. Listeners can subscribe to Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and wherever you listen to podcasts. For more information on Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin and to learn how to avoid getting scammed or buying a puppy from a puppy mill, follow @SonyPodcasts and @Neon Hum on Twitter and Instagram.

Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin, New Investigative Podcast That Explores the Business of Puppy Laundering, Premieres Today
  • Sony Music Entertainment Appoints Vanessa Picken as Chair and CEO of Sony Music Australia and New Zealand
  • Jun 14

Starting in September Picken Will Oversee all Operations, Artist Signings, Marketing, and Business Partnerships for SME Australia and New Zealand

Picken Brings More Than 15 Years of Music Industry Experience to the Role, Spanning the U.S and Australia

Sony Music Entertainment Appoints Vanessa Picken as Chair and CEO of Sony Music Australia and New Zealand

NEW YORK, June 14, 2022 – Sony Music Entertainment (SME) today announced the appointment of Vanessa Picken to the role of Chair and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment Australia and New Zealand. Reporting to Rob Stringer, Chairman, Sony Music Group, she will begin her new role in September.

Based in Sydney, Picken will oversee all operations, artist signings, marketing, and business partnerships for the Company. She also will forge new partnerships for artists with other Sony companies and identify opportunities for artists across multiple entertainment channels such as music, TV, film, podcasting, gaming and more.

“After a careful and thorough recruitment process, we are delighted to have Vanessa join our company in such a key role,” said Rob Stringer, Chairman, Sony Music Group. “Her impressive background covers so many areas of the modern music business in Australia and New Zealand and her recent leadership experience in the United States adds a global understanding to those existing skills. We believe Vanessa will be a trailblazing executive leading Sony Music Australia to an exciting future.”

“I’m delighted to be coming home to join Sony Music Australia and New Zealand to take the company into a transformative next chapter. Our strategies will focus on music, allyship, and innovation, with a global mindset,” added Picken. “Sony Music has a renowned reputation for empowering its artists and creators, breaking down traditional barriers to put them at the centre of everything it does. We will reaffirm our commitment to the discovery and development of new and emerging talent across both countries, as well as expanding the commercial and creative opportunities for our roster of artists locally and internationally.”

Picken brings to the role more than 15 years of leadership, with a reputation for strategic thinking and business transformation. Her experience in artist and label management as well as marketing and the digital entertainment business will help Sony Music Australia and New Zealand to give more opportunities for artists and employees to maximise their creative potential.

Most recently, Picken served as Managing Director of independent global music company [PIAS] in Los Angeles, overseeing the growth and restructure of the company’s label group and distribution business. During her tenure at [PIAS], Picken’s focus was on repertoire and campaign development and was instrumental in achieving critical acclaim and award recognition for triple BRIT award-winning artist, Arlo Parks, as well as supporting artists including Day Wave, Röyskopp, Lykke Li, Mykki Blanco, Geese, among others. Prior to her time there, she ran Digital Strategy across America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, overseeing the Company’s digital activities including digital marketing, social media and the exploitation of the organisation’s audio recordings and audio-visual recordings through commercial digital music platforms.  

Picken is also the founder of digital agency and label services company, Comes With Fries. The agency provides creative, digital marketing and media services to independent artists, managers, labels as well as various organisations and brands. With offices in both Sydney and London, Comes With Fries has been responsible for creative, marketing and promotion campaigns for thousands of artists, labels and organisations including Powderfinger, Placebo, Support Act, Nettwerk Music Group, Red Bull records, So Recordings, Jess Mauboy, Strange Talk, The Chats, Confidence Man, Speedy Wunderground and more.

Picken started her career in the music industry at EMI Music Australia in 2006 where she spent five years working with the label’s local and international artists including contributing to the success of artists like Robbie Williams. She is also the co-curator of Fastforward Sydney, a music technology conference for industry leaders.

  • Sony Music Entertainment’s Global Podcast Division Releases First Two Original Series on New Subscription Channel “The Binge”
  • Jun 06

Witnessed: Friendly Fire From Campside Media and Fringe Network: Alien State From Somethin’ Else Available Today

Subscribe to “The Binge” on Apple Podcasts to Listen to All Episodes Ad-Free Today

New York, NY – June 6, 2022 – Sony Music Entertainment ‘s (SME) Global Podcast Division today announced the launch of two new original podcasts premiering on its recently announced subscription channel, “The Binge.” Campside Media, in partnership with SME, premiered the new season of its investigative series Witnessed: Friendly Fire, and Somethin’ Else, a part of SME’s Global Podcast Division, premiered its new original series exploring incredible extraterrestrial phenomenon Fringe Network: Alien State. Subscribers to “The Binge” can listen to all episodes of both shows ad-free starting today. 

In Witnessed: Friendly Fire, a K-9 officer in the Scott County, Tennessee Sheriff Department winds up shot at the hands of his partner and his grieving widow takes it upon herself to untangle the truth from the lies. The show asks an important question: was it just a catastrophic accident or an intentional killing? National Magazine Award-winning reporter Sean Flynn returns to Scott County, a rural community in Eastern Tennessee, two decades after the shooting to tell the story of one woman’s pursuit of justice. 

Friendly Fire is a deeply reported mystery about family, about loyalty, about corruption and about how far someone will go for justice,” said host Sean Flynn. “A widow’s persistence, along with new in-depth reporting, will keep listeners guessing through the end.”

Similarly, Fringe Network: Alien State provides a different type of comprehensive look into an extensive coverup. In this season, host MJ Banias sheds light on a shadowy subject: UFOs. Publicly, the U.S. government once called UFOs a “waste of time,” but new evidence and uncovered documents prove that the government is, and always has been, very interested in the UFO phenomenon. Alien State tracks down answers to some pivotal questions around who these people coming forward with government secrets truly are. 

The show takes listeners to a haunted ranch, a visit with a real life “man in black” who’s speaking publicly for the first time, in-depth interviews with the men behind the infamous fighter pilot videos’ release, and a chat with former Blink-182 front man and UFO researcher Tom DeLonge.  

“I’ve always been interested in sharing people’s stories, especially when they are related to the strange,” said host MJ Banias. “This podcast will introduce listeners to those who are dedicated to speaking out about new UFO evidence and U.S. government programs. Many of us want to believe in UFOs and extraterrestrial life, but there have never been enough facts. Alien State proves that nothing is ever what it seems.”

Witnessed: Friendly Fire is produced by Lindsey Kilbride and executive produced by Adam Hoff at Campside Media and Fringe Network: Alien State is executive produced by Grant Irving. 

Listeners can subscribe to Witnessed: Friendly Fire and Fringe Network: Alien State on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. Subscribers to “The Binge” can listen to all episodes of both shows ad-free starting today. For more information on Sony Podcast shows, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Sony Music’s Global Podcast Division Launches “The Binge,” First of Its Kind Podcast Subscription Channel
  • May 25

Channel Will Feature New Show Premieres Every Month From Across Sony Music’s Podcast Slate With Full Seasons Available Ad-Free at Launch

“The Binge” Debuts June 6 with New Shows Witnessed: Friendly Fire and Fringe Network: Alien State, as well as a Library of Hit Shows Available to Binge

Sony Music’s Global Podcast Division Launches “The Binge,” First of Its Kind Podcast Subscription Channel

New York, NY – May 25, 2022 – Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) Global Podcast Division today announced the launch of “The Binge,” a first of its kind subscription channel providing fans with binge-access to full seasons of new podcasts each month from across SME’s robust slate. Beginning Monday June 6, listeners can subscribe to “The Binge” on Apple Podcasts to access full seasons of two new original podcasts, Witnessed: Friendly Fire and Fringe Network: Alien State, as well as a catalog of acclaimed SME shows.

Developed to provide listeners with full control of their listening experience and super serve audiences who are eager for premium, bingeworthy shows, “The Binge” bundles some of the greatest podcasts from SME’s network of award-winning creators and provides fans with at least one brand new binge-listen every month from some of the top storytellers and journalists across the industry. Each new show launch will offer subscribers the chance to listen to all episodes ad-free, all at once. In addition, the channel will also include exclusive, ad-free access to library content from some of SME’s biggest hit series including Chameleon, Death at the Wing, Firebug, The Doodler, The Just Enough Family, and Witnessed: Borderlands.

“We have been early believers in the power of subscription to drive the podcast industry forward and we see the demand and behavior of binge-listening across our network continuing to grow, similar to how it has across other forms of media,” said Emily Rasekh, Senior Vice President of Podcast Business Development and Operations, Sony Music Entertainment. “With The Binge, we are building our offering based on those listening habits and delivering an unprecedented, new destination for listeners all around the world to get what they want, when they want it.”

Three new podcasts will anchor the debut of “The Binge” in June:

Witnessed: Friendly Fire | Campside Media – Premieres June 6
When a K-9 officer in the Scott County, Tennessee, Sheriff’s Department winds up shot at the hands of his partner, a grieving widow takes it upon herself to untangle the truth from the lies. Was it just a catastrophic accident? Or an intentional killing? National Magazine Award-winning reporter Sean Flynn returns to Scott County two decades after the shooting to tell the story of one woman’s pursuit of justice—and one community’s enduring reckoning with the fallout.

Fringe Network: Alien State | Somethin’ Else – Premieres June 6
Publicly, the government once called UFOs a “waste of time,” but new evidence and uncovered documents prove that the U.S. government is, and always has been, very interested in the UFO phenomenon. Who are these people coming forward with these government secrets? Join host MJ Banias as he sheds light on this shadow subject.

Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin | Neon Hum – Premieres June 16
Americans are used to being on the lookout for a scam, but authorities are warning of a new kind of fraud. Puppy Kingpin shines a spotlight on Jolyn Noethe, a secretive businesswoman from Iowa who is accused of laundering puppies much like drug money. Investigative reporter Alex Schuman exposes the scheme and an underground part of the industry bringing us the pets we love.

For more information on Sony Podcast shows, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Kermode & Mayo’s Take Debuts as Most Popular Subscription on Apple Podcasts in the United Kingdom
  • May 25

Sony Music Entertainment’s Newest Global Podcast Entry Rises to the Top of Apple’s UK’s Podcast Charts

London and New York – May 25, 2022 – Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) Global Podcast Division today announced that since its debut just over two weeks ago, Kermode & Mayo’s Take has become the fastest growing and most popular subscription ever on Apple Podcasts in the United Kingdom. The show debuted at #1 on the Apple Podcasts Charts for all categories and remains #1 in the TV & Film Charts in the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand and #1 in the Film Reviews charts in those countries plus Australia, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong and The Netherlands.

Leading film critic Mark Kermode and iconic host and movie fanatic Simon Mayo host Kermode and Mayo’s Take twice weekly, which features the finest reviews and previews big guest interviews and a cornucopia of audience correspondence in every episode. Since its premiere, the show’s new season has featured conversations with top Hollywood talent Tom Hiddleston, Miles Teller and more. In addition to the 75 minute show available for free on all platforms, listeners are eagerly subscribing to “Take 2,” a second programme offering an equally premium additional show with extra content and exclusive features. 

Simon Mayo said: “This seems rather cheering and reassuring news. All our success comes of course from Mark being the best critic and our production team being from the toppermost of top drawers.”

Mark Kermode said, “After topping the podcast charts since launch and bringing our peculiar brand of film conversation to an ever-bigger audience here and around the world, this is the icing on the cake. I’m just slightly annoyed that they made me re-watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean film,” referring to the first in a series of ‘watch-a-long’ podcasts from June in which subscribers will be able to enjoy streaming films in the company of Mark and Simon.

Listeners can subscribe now to Kermode and Mayo’s Take on all podcast platforms. Visit for further information.

  • Imagine Documentaries and Sony Music Entertainment Partner to Produce Definitive Feature Documentary on Legendary Musician Carlos Santana
  • May 20

Directed by Emmy-Winning Filmmaker Rudy Valdez; Executive Produced by Academy Award-Winning Producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard

New York and Los Angeles – May 20, 2022 – Imagine Documentaries and Sony Music Entertainment have joined forces to produce and finance the definitive feature-length documentary film about the father of Latin American jazz fusion and global icon, Carlos Santana, the companies announced today. Featuring never-before-seen or heard archival footage and music, the film will offer an intimate and exhilarating look inside the mind of an elemental force of contemporary music and tell the incredible story of Santana’s life – from a fourteen-year-old street musician to a ten-time Grammy-winning and three-time Latin Grammy-winning global sensation.

The project is currently in production and being directed by Emmy Award-winning Mexican-American filmmaker Rudy Valdez (The Sentence, We Are: The Brooklyn Saints), produced by Imagine Documentaries’ Sara Bernstein and Justin Wilkes along with Lizz Morhaim (Rebuilding Paradise) and executive produced by Academy Award-winning producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard.  Leopoldo Gout (Molly’s Game), Ashley Kahn (Miles Davis: The Birth of Cool), and Sam Pollard (MLK/FBI) also serve as Producers.  Meredith Kaulfers is the Co-Executive Producer for Imagine Documentaries and Michael Vrionis serves as an Executive Producer.  Tom Mackay and Richard Story are Executive Producers for Sony Music Entertainment.

The film is being co-financed and distributed through Sony Music Entertainment.

“I am honored and grateful to have partnered with Imagine Documentaries and Sony Music to bring my story to light. Director Rudy Valdez, along with Ron, Brian, Justin and Sara have embraced this journey, which is one of triumph and adventurousness. The intentionality of this film is to touch people’s hearts and to inspire people to re-connect with their own light that they may ignite blessings and miracles,” said Santana.

“We’re thrilled that Carlos has entrusted us with bringing his incredibly inspirational story to life in this film,” said Imagine’s Justin Wilkes.  “He is one of the greatest musicians of all time, and throughout his career, Santana has unapologetically broken-down borders and reinvented a tone universally celebrated across the globe.  Collaborating with Rudy Valdez again is an honor and we are excited for him to take us on a journey with Santana.

“From rock ‘n’ roll to Latin American jazz, Carlos Santana’s pioneering vision and artistry have influenced generations of fans across so many genres of music,” said Tom Mackay, President, Premium Content, Sony Music Entertainment. “Through this new project in partnership with Imagine Entertainment, we look forward to showcasing the breadth and lasting impact of his story for audiences globally.”

“I am completely humbled by the opportunity to tell the Carlos Santana story with the

amazing teams at Imagine and Sony Music,” said Valdez. “Taking this journey with Carlos has been inspiring. As historic a life that Carlos Santana has lived, he continually reminds us that greatness lives within us all and I can’t wait to share this story with the world.”

For over four decades – from his earliest days as a groundbreaking Afro-Latin-blues-rock fusion outfit in San Francisco – Carlos Santana’s artistry has transcended generational and geographical boundaries.  Through intimate and exclusive access to Santana, the documentary will chart the birth of an entirely original sound and visionary force that fuses cultures, blends genres, and defies stereotypes. The film is as much of a celebration of the past as it is an inspiration for the future – prompting generations to continually breed genres that shatter systemic ceilings.

Santana has won ten Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammys, with a record-tying nine Grammys for a single project for 1999’s Supernatural (including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for “Smooth”). He has received the Billboard Century Award (1996), was ushered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1998), received the Billboard Latin Music Awards’ Lifetime Achievement honor (2009), and was the recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors Award (2013). Among many other distinctions, Carlos Santana has been cited by Rolling Stone as #15 on their list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time;” and has joined the Rolling Stones as one of only two bands to have an album reach the Top 10 in every decade since the 1960s. In 2018, he released his first MasterClass, and recently celebrated three epic milestones – the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking album Supernatural, the 50th anniversary of his legendary performance at Woodstock, and the 50th anniversary of his masterpiece Abraxas. His most recent album, the powerful, energy-infused Blessings and Miracles (2021) features collaborations with Rob Thomas, Chris Stapleton, Steve Winwood, and many others.

  • Sony Music Entertainment Launches RCA Records Greater China
  • May 20

Iconic label RCA Records launches first Asia division in Greater China

Superstar A-Lin joins new label

Kevin Foo appointed Managing Director reporting to Andrew Chan, CEO of Sony Music Greater China

20 May 2022, SHANGHAI – Sony Music Entertainment (SME) announced today the launch of RCA Records Greater China. The new label will focus on signing artists in the Greater China region, expanding the company’s presence across the region and investing in artists looking to broaden their artistic and commercial opportunities across streaming, gaming, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, NFTs, the Metaverse and more.

Continuing RCA Records’ heritage as a world-class label, RCA Records Greater China will help artists grow their fanbase within the region and capitalize on SME’s extensive network of creative talent to explore international collaborations and releases for artists who are geared towards a global audience.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of RCA Records Greater China which is the first in a series of labels we plan on launching in the region,” said Andrew Chan, CEO, Greater China, Sony Music Entertainment. “With China achieving over 30 per cent growth in recorded music revenue in 2021 and leading the Asian market, there is plenty of room for artists and music labels to grow. RCA Records Greater China will improve our ability to create quality, diverse music and products that help artists stand out and compete effectively in the attention economy.”

With its core team based in Shanghai, RCA Records Greater China will focus on developing domestic A&R and local-language artists in the region, with its own dedicated artist roster. The label will also make key hires spanning A&R, Web 3.0, data analytics, digital marketing, digital licensing, gaming, talent development and more to support its dedicated roster of artists.

A-Lin joins RCA Records Greater China

RCA Records Greater China also announced today that A-Lin, one of the biggest selling artists in the region has joined the label. Known for her electrifying live performances and extensive vocal range, A-Lin is a five-time Golden Melody Awards (known as the ‘Mandarin Grammys’) nominee and seven-time winner of the KKBOX Music Awards.

In addition, RCA Records Greater China recently released Chinese superstar Jackson Wang’s Chinese single ‘Jackson Wang’ and will continue to distribute his Chinese album. Jackson Wang is a Chinese singer, songwriter, record producer, director and designer. He is also a member of the highly popular KPOP group GOT7, which debuted in 2014 and is the first Chinese solo act to debut on Mediabase US Top 40 Radio Chart.

Kevin Foo appointed Managing Director, RCA Records Greater China

Kevin Foo has been appointed Managing Director of the new label, reporting to CEO of Sony Music Greater China, Andrew Chan, and retains his role overseeing Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan’s operations, working across Shanghai, Taipei, and Singapore. Foo is a seasoned music industry professional with over 20 years’ experience in the music, entertainment, and talent management industries. He successfully launched the careers of several Asian artists, including Linying, Charlie Lim and The Steve McQueens, and played a prominent role in the success of superstars including Eric Chou, Lay Zhang, Jolin Tsai and Weibird.

“It’s an honour to be leading RCA Records Greater China and we’re passionate about discovering and helping new artists succeed,” said Kevin Foo, Managing Director, RCA Records Greater China. “RCA Records combines a rich history and heritage with always striving to be at the cutting edge of music development. We want to give talent the ability to scale, become household brands and fully realize their creative and commercial potential, tapping into opportunities provided by the suite of Sony companies, whilst developing new partnerships with companies in the region working at the cutting-edge of the digital revolution.”

  • Sony Music Entertainment Unveils Robust New Slate of Upcoming Podcasts at 2022 IAB Podcast Upfront
  • May 11

Presentation Highlights Include New Projects from Adam McKay’s Hyperobject Industries, Campside Media, and Marc Smerling’s Truth Media

New Original Series from Somethin’ Else, Neon Hum and More Highlight Expanding Roster of Shows

NEW YORK – May 11, 2022 – Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) Global Podcast Division today unveiled a robust slate of new podcast titles with some of its leading global creative partners during the 2022 IAB Podcast Upfront. Highlighted by new shows from prolific storytellers such as Adam McKay, Marc Smerling and the team at Campside Media, SME’s upcoming shows highlight the company’s focus on developing both a broad range of new limited-run series and a diverse slate of original content across all of its production partners.

SME, whose 2022 April downloads were nearly 40% higher vs. 2021, continues to partner with best-in-class storytellers, journalists, and creators to deliver premium experiences to passionate audiences. Building on the recent success of hit original series like Chameleon: Wild Boys, Bad Blood: The Final Chapter and The Just Enough Family, SME continues to engage listeners with bingeworthy content and develop loyal audiences with popular franchises and always-on series.

The Company previewed nearly a dozen new titles in today’s Upfront presentation, highlighting two new projects from McKay’s Hyperobject Industries, several upcoming true crime releases from Campside Media and Smerling’s Truth Media, brand new seasons of hit series Smoke Screen and Spectacle from Neon Hum, and the premiere of multiple new titles across all genres from Somethin’ Else. Good Words with Kirk Franklin is also slated to return with a new season featuring top celebrity guests this summer.

“Sony Music has believed in the power of the voice for as long as we’ve existed and we’re proud to work with some of podcasting’s best storytellers to bring their ideas and voices to listeners around the world,” said Steve Ackerman, Executive Vice President and Co-Head, Global Podcasts, Sony Music Entertainment. “From New York to LA to London, our team is uniquely positioned to engage loyal audiences with an expanding roster of shows across all genres and formats.”

Highlights from Sony Music Entertainment’s upcoming podcast slate include:

Bedtime Stories with Adam McKay | Hyperobject Industries
An immersive and lulling auditory experience. Each episode offers an improvised story that takes the listener on a charming if not unessential journey. No two episodes are ever the same; each story is improvised by McKay and stems from one word chosen at random by his producer Harry Nelson.

Defining Diego | Somethin’ Else
Defining Diego explores the rise and fall of international adoption, told through the story of one adoptee and his mom, a journalist who has documented their journey from his earliest steps.

Good Words with Kirk Franklin | Somethin’ Else
Good Words returns for a new season featuring conversations with some of the biggest celebrities across music, TV and entertainment.

Hill Crazy | Truth Media
When your friend is accused of murdering one of Humbolt County’s largest pot growers, what do you do?  Well, you go figure out whether he’s guilty!

Réunion: Shark Attacks in Paradise | Hyperobject Industries
Shark Attacks in Paradise: Réunion Island is an unusual story and cautionary tale about an unexplained surge in shark attacks on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin | Neon Hum
Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin shines a spotlight on Jolyn Noethe, a secretive businesswoman from Iowa who is accused of laundering puppies much like drug money. Investigative reporter Alex Schuman exposes the scheme and an underground part of the industry bringing us the pets we love.

Spectacle: True Crime | Neon Hum
This season of Spectacle delves into the history of true crime — from the cases that shook us to our core, to its passionate audience, and what narratives and stereotypes it reinforces in our culture.

The Evaporated | Campside Media
The Evaporated is an investigative probe into a spree of highly mysterious disappearances across Japan.

The Fringe Network: Alien State | Somethin’ Else
Publicly, the government once called UFOs a “waste of time,” but new evidence and uncovered documents prove that the U.S. government is, and always has been, very interested in the UFO phenomenon. Alien State digs into who the people coming forward with these government secrets truly are.

For more information on all our podcasts, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

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