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How We Use Your Data

IMPORTANT: The information below must be read in conjunction with our privacy policy which governs our overall use of your personal data.

When you choose to participate in an applicable ‘pre-save’/ ‘pre-add’, ‘follow’/ ‘subscribe’ or other artist/genre based marketing campaign (“Campaign”) operated by Sony Music Entertainment or its affiliates (“SME”, “we” or “us”), you give us permission to connect with a particular music service or other third party provider in order to access your user account in the manner and for the purposes set out below.

Information obtained by SME

Once you approve our connection with an applicable music service or other third party provider, until such connection expires or until the time you terminate such connection using one of the methods described below, SME may access and store some or all of the following types of information (“Third Party Data”) from your user account:

  • the e-mail address registered with the music service or other third party provider, where available to us;
  • information about your user account, including but not limited to your country and geo-location; and
  • activity information, including but not limited to content you’ve interacted with (e.g., playlists and artists you follow, recently played tracks and/or channel subscriptions).

Actions taken by SME

Depending on the type of Campaign in which you have chosen to participate, SME will use the connection with the applicable music service or other third party provider to fulfill one or more of the following actions relevant to that Campaign in respect of your user account:

  • adding and removing items to your library/collection;
  • creating, editing and/or following playlists;
  • subscribing to channels or other service features; and
  • following artists.

In addition, SME may utilize some or all of your Third Party Data for any of the following purposes:

  • to enhance our relationship with you by sending email updates about relevant artists, types of music or related special offers, should you have agreed to this;
  • to send you other relevant marketing communications, including by targeting and serving to you via third party platforms advertisements which we think will be of interest; and
  • to conduct research and analysis.

Your choices

To remove SME’s access to your account, please visit the website of the applicable music or other third party service and follow the relevant instructions:


Apple Music




You can request a deletion of your Third Party Data history by visiting our ‘Preference Center’ and selecting “Please Delete All of My Information.” You can access our ‘Preference Center’ via the link in the footer of any email communication from SME. You can also email [email protected] from your email address associated with the relevant music service or third party account to request a deletion of your information. Please note that this action will discontinue SME’s collection of Third Party Data but you will still need to remove the original permission within the third party service as set forth above. Also note that this will delete all active subscriptions and account activity.

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