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  • How Sony Music, The Orchard, and 88rising Are Collaborating to Celebrate Japanese Music 
  • Apr 12, 2024
How Sony Music, The Orchard, and 88rising Are Collaborating to Celebrate Japanese Music 

This Sunday at Coachella, our partner 88rising will take over a stage with their stand-out set of performances called 88rising Futures. They will feature groundbreaking artistry from Japan that will include some surprise performances as well as from Sony Music Japan pop sensation YOASOBI; the genre-defying quartet ATARASHII GAKKO!; iconic supergroup Number_i; and queen of Japanese hip-hop Awich. 

Today, Japanese music has more influence globally and in American culture than ever. The share of Japanese-language music in the global and U.S. streaming charts has steadily increased for the last three years—and consumers who listen to Japanese music spend twice as much per month on artist merchandise than the average listeners of American music. Amidst this backdrop, 88rising is committed to bringing Asian music to the global stage.

It’s a vision shared by Sony Music Group, Sony Music Japan, and The Orchard, too. As part of a Japanese company, we are uniquely suited to support and help accelerate this trend. 

In 2023, 88rising began working with The Orchard for global distribution and to empower their creators to reach new global audiences. And, The Orchard expanded operations into Japan in 2019; ever since, they have worked closely with Sony Music Japan to offer services to an impressive slate of local artists and independent labels. 

These are the sort of opportunities we’re dedicated to creating for artists and our label partners: iconic moments that help musicians of all backgrounds break through to global audiences.

Coachella has always captured a unique, timely cross-section of music and culture. Today, that culture is more global than ever. At this year’s festival, 88rising Futures will spotlight exactly what its name implies: the future of Asian music. As always, we’re proud to play a role in bringing music from anywhere to audiences everywhere.

Check out the global livestream here this Sunday at 5:20 p.m. PST.

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