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  • APIDA Heritage Month 2024: Spotlighting Our Partners Uplifting the Global Asian Diaspora 
  • May 31, 2024
APIDA Heritage Month 2024: Spotlighting Our Partners Uplifting the Global Asian Diaspora 

Sony Music Group is embracing a singular, unifying theme for every heritage acknowledgement and celebration in 2024: Reimagining CommUNITY. Inspired by the art we create, music can help us strengthen our connections to the people and cultures around us, so everyone can belong and thrive.  

During Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi, American (APIDA) Heritage Month, we fostered understanding and increased knowledge about the APIDA community and their ongoing impact on global culture, while also acknowledging the challenges they continue to face.  Through our Global Social Justice Fund, we are able to continue supporting and empowering the worldwide APIDA community beyond the month of May. 

Learn more about our partner organizations who passionately strive to uplift the global Asian diaspora: 

Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote  

Location: US 

Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIA Vote) is an action-driven organization dedicated to engaging, educating, and empowering the APIDA community so their voices are represented and heard.  

Through our Global Social Justice Fund, we support the organization in their efforts to sustain and build a culture of civic participation. With the APIDA community often overlooked by political parties, the organization works to allocate resources towards targeted messages directed to this community and establish them as a key demographic for electoral victory. They also aim to combat anti-Asian rhetoric and the spread of disinformation on APIDA-language social platforms. 

Discover more about how they enact positive change nationwide here

ChildFund Korea  

Location: South Korea 

ChildFund Korea is a child welfare organization that strives to help children live happy lives through a range of programs including childcare support, crisis intervention, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and more. 

We proudly support their efforts through the Education Support Project. By offering aid to children in various fields that match their abilities and aptitudes, these projects give them the opportunity to foster the knowledge and skills needed to develop their talents. With this project, children are granted the ability to dream freely while supporting their peers in achieving their dreams as well. 

Read more about how they craft an environment where children can grow happily here

Enabling Leadership Inc  

Location: Cambodia 

Enabling Leadership Inc’s mission is to help underprivileged children learn essential leadership and life skills through innovative and creative mediums such as music and soccer. 

We aid in this mission through our support of their Enabling Leadership Play Program, which utilizes soccer as a means of teaching self-confidence, communication, collaboration, and more. This program aims to reach and help children who attend underserved government schools located in the villages surrounding the town of Battambang. 

Find out more about how they inspire children to become leaders here

A special thank you to our Global Social Justice Fund partners for their ongoing help as we continue to redefine connection and rediscover belonging. With their continued partnership, we will continue to uplift the global Asian diaspora now and into the future. 

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