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  • Black History Month 2024: Celebrating Our Partners Extending Support for the Black Community 
  • Feb 29, 2024
Black History Month 2024: Celebrating Our Partners Extending Support for the Black Community 

Sony Music Group is embracing a singular, unifying theme for every heritage acknowledgement and celebration in 2024: Reimagining CommUNITY. Inspired by the art we create, music can help us strengthen our connections to the people and cultures around us, so everyone can belong and thrive.  

While Black History Month has come to a close, we remain committed to reimagining commUNITY within and outside of our company through our Global Social Justice Fund. We continue to partner with organizations who go above and beyond to advance racial and social justice worldwide. 

Learn more about some of the organizations we are supporting below: 

Black Women’s Blueprint  

Black Women’s Blueprint is a women and girls rights organization committed to intergenerational collaboration, youth development, and leadership at the center of each initiative they sponsor. Their goal is to bring people together to design and practice strategies for healing and health. 

We proudly support the Black Women’s Blueprint Sound Healing with Emerging Girls youth program, which engages girls ages 16-24 in violence prevention and arts-based healing services. This year-round program offers workshops and learning using hands-on experience, narrative sharing, sister circles, and violence prevention education to cultivate healthy self-image and relationships through co-created healing and arts spaces. This program provides space for young people to engage with the arts in a way they may not have had otherwise while simultaneously allowing their unique stories and voices to be heard.

Learn more about Black Women’s Blueprint’s inspiring work here

Brotherhood Sister Sol  

For over 25 years, Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis) has helped Black and Latinx youth claim the power of their history, identity, and community to build the future they want to see. Through around-the-clock support, the organization makes space for young people to examine their roots, define their stories, and awaken their agency.   

We aid in this mission through supporting BroSis’ holistic programming and social justice youth organizing efforts such as the Liberation Program. The Liberation Program is a youth-led initiative that fosters a new generation of organizers and social change-makers. Through this program, young people can develop informed perspectives on equity and power, learn about past social justice movements, and draw from their own experiences with oppression and privilege in a safe and nurturing space.

Find out more about the groundbreaking work of the Brotherhood Sister Sol here.  

One Acre Fund 

One Acre Fund is an agricultural service provider that supports Africa’s smallholder farmers to build resilient communities.   

For smallholder farmers, the line between flourishing and struggling often comes down to small differences in planting techniques and the quality of seeds and supplies. By providing access to better farm products and education on farming techniques, the organization helps these farmers to grow their way out of hunger and poverty.  

Through our Global Social Justice Fund, we proudly support One Acre Fund Field Officers, aiding with enrollment and training while supporting smallholder farmers. This support will have a transformational impact on this underserved community. 

Discover more about One Acre Fund’s purpose-driven work here

Thank you to all of our incredible Global Social Justice Fund partners for helping us continue to redefine connection and rediscover belonging. With the collaboration and support of our partners, we aim to uplift and celebrate the Black community throughout the rest of 2024 and in the future. 

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