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  • Sony Music Group Global Impact Report 2023
  • Jun 20, 2023
Sony Music Group Global Impact Report 2023

Last year, Sony Music Group (SMG) published our inaugural Global Impact Report, capturing a pivotal period in our company’s history.

The report was a critical opportunity to assess all we had been doing to respond and adapt to a rapidly changing world, highlight areas where we’re growing (inside and outside of our offices), and convey our near-term ambitions in our continued effort to lead the industry into a more socially responsible and inclusive future of music.

Now, with our second report, we have dug deeper—to highlight the topline impact of our policies and programs, and the day-to-day experiences of our employees, creators, and community members whose careers and creative lives we strive to fulfill. And, since our first report, we’re already seeing how our ongoing commitment to equity, transparency, and entrepreneurship is carrying us closer to a more fulfilling workplace experience and community-focused industry with an active role played by our Company.

We’ve continued to scale up support for our artists’ and songwriters’ health and prosperity. To name just a few of our latest strides: We’ve reimagined ways we foster an inclusive, collaborative workspace, through our People eXperience department and our DE&I framework, MILES. We’ve championed essential causes around the world through charitable contributions and advocacy alike. And we’ve done all of this while adhering to responsible business practices, rooted in our unyielding mission to be a world-class home for creative collaboration.

With our 2023 Global Impact Report, we are thrilled to once again pull back the curtain and spotlight SMG’s success in translating our values into action each and every day. And, with the same enthusiasm, we are taking this occasion to challenge ourselves to seek new heights.

As ever, we will continue seeking out new ways to put our people first, bring communities together, and shape society for the better—just as music always has.

Preview and download the Impact Report below.

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