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  • Sony Music Group Global Impact Report
  • Aug 01, 2022

Through our diverse community of creators, we play a role in shaping not just the music industry, but the movements, culture, and histories that define humanity.

And as a global business employing thousands of people in over 60 countries, we impact the livelihoods of our workers, their families, and the broader communities where we have a presence. We know, too, that an institution of our scale can and must play a role in pursuing sustainability and protecting our environment. So it’s no small matter to us that the influence we wield comes with a responsibility to confront the most pressing issues affecting our communities and our planet—and to help build a more just and inclusive society.

The past couple of years have put those values to the test. We’ve found ourselves in the midst of global crises that have upended our lives, and social upheavals that have brought existing inequities into stark relief—all as we adapt to the accelerating changes this industry is experiencing in the digital age. But with those challenges have come opportunities for everyone on our team to rise to the occasion—and transform our philosophy into action. And now, with this inaugural impact report, we’re taking the opportunity to pause, take stock of our work’s impact thus far, assess where we have room to improve, and set our sights on future milestones for progress.

In recent years, we’ve launched global philanthropic funds; spearheaded civic engagement campaigns; implemented policies to make good on our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; created new initiatives to support our artists and songwriters; and regularly surveyed our global team to determine our next frontiers. These are just a few examples of the efforts we make to support our people, our communities, and our environment—all while maintaining high standards of governance that set up our business for long-term success. 

As we look ahead, we will be proud to redouble those efforts. We will take strides to empower the next, diverse group of industry leaders and creatives, and strengthen our company culture of inclusion. We will strive to uplift more community-based justice initiatives that reflect our values. And we will put in the work to ensure that we lead the industry into digital evolutions with global sustainability and individual wellbeing as the first priorities. I have no doubt that with our outstanding team, and brilliant roster of artists and songwriters, we can keep making Sony Music Group an even better place to work, create, and effect change. Together, we can make good on our commitment to integrity, transparency, and entrepreneurship—and, always, putting our people, artists and songwriters first.

Click on the file below to download the Impact Report. 

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