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  • Celebrating National Arab American and MENA Heritage Month at Sony Music Group
  • Apr 30, 2024
Celebrating National Arab American and MENA Heritage Month at Sony Music Group

Sony Music Group is embracing a singular, unifying theme for every heritage acknowledgement and celebration in 2024: Reimagining CommUNITY. Inspired by the art we create, music can help us strengthen our connections to the people and cultures around us, so everyone can belong and thrive. 

Throughout the month of April, Sony Music Group proudly celebrated National Arab American, Middle Eastern, and North African (MENA) Heritage Month. In efforts to continue Reimagining CommUNITY within and outside of our company, we dedicated this time to recognizing and celebrating the contributions, achievements, resilience and diversity of all people of Arab and MENA descent. 

Celebrating Culture Through Food 

The MENA region is comprised of over 20 countries, which have a rich tapestry of culinary history. Food, much like music, brings people together and is reflective of culture, heritage and historical happenings. That’s why the Office of DE&I hosted a celebratory breakfast at our New York City headquarters, catered by Edy’s Grocer, North Brooklyn’s first Lebanese Market and Deli. Edy’s mission is to make Middle Eastern ingredients more accessible and prevalent in people’s daily kitchens and pantries. 

The in-office breakfast included a wide variety of pastries for employees to taste, from spinach and cheese boreks to mini za’atar croissants, providing a unique experience of MENA culture. 

Highlighting the Work of the Sony Music Middle East Team 

Special shoutout to our Sony Music Middle East teammates, who will be producing this year’s Esports World Cup 2024 anthem which will take place this summer in Saudi Arabia. Sony Group Corporation recently announced a multi-year partnership with the Esports World Cup Foundation to collaborate on various initiatives ahead of this year’s events. Learn more about the partnership here

Supporting the Arab and MENA Community Beyond Sony Music Group 

Although National Arab American and MENA Heritage Month has come to an end, our support for the Arab and MENA community continues. Through our Global Social Justice Fund, we proudly support Canadian non-profit organization, Afghan Women’s Organization (AWO). 

Our Global Social Justice Fund allows us to support AWO’s Neighbourhoods for Newcomer seniors program, an initiative that allows seniors to be civically engaged in various activities within their cities, from voter education events to public engagement forms. These activities are designed to increase their sense of belonging and community involvement. 

Find out more about AWO’s work here

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