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  • SMG Impact Fellows Mix Tape Series: Laura’s Reprise
  • Oct 18, 2021

SMG Impact Fellows Mix Tape Series: Laura’s Reprise

This article is written by Laura Souto and is part of the SMG Impact Fellows Mix Tape Series, a collection of first-person essays written by the inaugural cohort of Sony Music Group Impact Fellows. Read more about the SMG Impact Fellows Program here.

What’s it like working in Philanthropy & Social Impact?
During my time as part of the first cohort of Sony Music Group’s Impact Fellows this summer, I have come to understand the power of music and corporate social responsibility. As the first ever SMG Philanthropy and Social Impact Intern, it has been an honor to support the advancement of SMG’s Social Justice Fund. The fund’s pillars of civic engagement, criminal justice reform and education enable SMG to work with community partners to improve the world we share – one vote, one life, and one opportunity at a time.

Being on calls with SMG’s international teams who enthusiastically contribute to the expansion of SMG’s philanthropic work around the globe, with the sole purpose of these efforts being to uplift those who need it most, confirmed to me that supporting the advancement of communities is one of my passions.

What are your biggest learnings from the SMG Impact Fellows experience?
I learned that while rivers are the arteries of the earth and need to be protected, music represents the veins of culture that pump society’s pain and joy into the spotlight. Music can serve as an important driver of change.  
I learned that just as music making boosts executive brain function, strengthens memory, improves mood, and even reduces physical pain, investing in young minds reaps societal benefit beyond what any statistic highlight.
I also learned that although environmental, social, political, psychological and health issues seem to be growing just as quickly as technology is evolving, collective commitment and action toward the creation of a better society is happening, and generations to come will accept nothing less than bold action and change!

What is one of your main/personal takeaways from your Sony Music internship experience?
I can say with full certainty this incredible learning opportunity was only possible because of the many who believed in my potential, the support I received from my passionate, talented team and the fact that equity advocacy in corporate spaces truly does make a difference for the better. Often the anxiety imposter syndrome produces tries to defeat us, but those feelings are nothing in comparison to the desire to grow, however uncomfortable the process may be! 

Amidst the ripples of culture, creation, business, art and difficult global circumstances, the collaboration of for-profit and non-profit work can build meaningful, lasting impact in the communities we live, work and serve in. I am so grateful to have experienced this firsthand during my time at SMG and cannot wait to take the lessons I learned with me in my professional and personal life.

Last but not least, what’s songs are currently in your rotation and on repeat?

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