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  • Sony Music Iberia Named a Great Place to Work
  • May 31, 2023
Sony Music Iberia Named a Great Place to Work

Sony Music Iberia—inclusive of Sony Music Spain and Sony Music Portugal—is officially Great Place to Work-certified by Great Place to Work®, a leader in the identification and certification of work environments that foster growth, high-trust culture and employee happiness.

The award is a national and international recognition in the fields of employee management and business strategy, annually granted to companies around the world that meet the certification requirements, which includes an analysis of the environment including a research-backed employee experience survey.

The results of the employee survey surfaced several items that Sony Music Iberia employees recognize as being particularly valuable as part of their workplace experience: employee welfare, the full flexibility model, the close collaboration between teams and the mutual respect at all levels within the organization.

Among the main Human Resources strategies implemented by Sony Music Iberia, a few that stand out is its efforts to promote work-life balance, cross-functional work and the emotional and physical health of employees.

José Mª Barbat, President of Sony Music Iberia, comments on the certification saying “This certification proves that we took the right direction when, years ago, we decided to put people—artists and talented employees—at the strategic centre of the organization, building a more flexible and friendly working environment, where the focus is not only on the what but also on the how.”

Barbat continues, “We are very privileged to work in an industry that is tremendously fun and at the same time very demanding. It is no longer an option to keep up with the times and build the best working environments for the best professionals. For us, this certification is not an end, but a means; it represents a clear commitment to continuous improvement where, year after year, we will continue to work with great focus to remain a benchmark working and collaborative environment and, we will continue to do so, tending to the needs of the people who passionately dedicate their professional lives to making artists’ dreams come true.”

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