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  • Campside Media and Sony Music Entertainment Debut New Season of Chart-Topping Investigative Podcast Series Witnessed: Fade to Black
  • Nov 01, 2023

New Season Dives Into the Disappearance and Disputed Death of Screenwriter Gary Devore

Listen to All Episodes Now, Available on The Binge

New York, NY – November 1, 2023 – Campside Media and Sony Music Entertainment (SME), in association with Stowaway Entertainment, today premiered the fifth season of investigative podcast series Witnessed, titled Fade to Black. This 8-part series focuses on the bizarre story of screenwriter Gary Devore, whose mysterious disappearance in 1997 has become the source of many conspiracy theories, including that the CIA may have played a role in whatever happened to him. All eight episodes of the series are available today on “The Binge,” SME’s one stop destination to binge all episodes of new series each month on the day of its premiere. 

Witnessed: Fade to Black takes listeners through the baffling Devore mystery, including new information about the case that’s never been heard before. The story has all the hallmarks of a bingeable hit limited series – it’s a twisty mystery with cliffhangers nearly every episode, grounded in rigorous journalism and centered around a very compelling cast of Hollywood characters, including Devore’s wife Wendy, who gave us total access to her story and archives.

Fade to Black is hosted by Campside co-founder Josh Dean, but was co-created and co-written by the journalist and screenwriter Evan Wright. Wright has adapted numerous podcasts to TV, including Dirty John, Homecoming, and Dr. Death. He is also the author of How to Get Away With Murder in America and Generation Kill, which he adapted into the Emmy-winning HBO miniseries. Fade to Black was also co-created with lead producer and Emmy-winning journalist Megan Donis, who has produced several podcasts including Stiffed, Class of 2020 and an upcoming series about how the FBI’s Cointelpro program targeted the Black Panther Party.

Witnessed: Fade to Black offers a mysterious and deep look into the history of the CIA and Hollywood” said co-creator and lead writer Evan Wright. “Listeners will have the opportunity to feel like they’re experiencing the intricate story while getting to know the larger than life characters featured throughout the series.”

Fade to Black is the fifth season of the Witnessed franchise, which are all available on The Binge now. Last season, Devil in the Ditch, attracted global true crime listeners and climbed to the top of the overall Apple Podcast charts.

Listeners can subscribe to Witnessed: Fade to Black on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. For more information on Witnessed: Fade to Black and all other shows, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

Campside Media and Sony Music Entertainment Debut New Season of Chart-Topping Investigative Podcast Series Witnessed: Fade to Black
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