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  • Oct 05, 2009

The specially designed music series “MusiCure”, which was originally developed over more than five years by Danish composer Niels Eje, will now be released worldwide in a unique collaboration between Sony Music Entertainment and the composer’s own label Gefion Records.

The story behind MusiCure is extraordinary because this specially designed original music – created for physical relaxation and mental inspiration – is backed by International research and scientific documentation by independent health care professionals in Scandinavia and USA.

Direct feedback from thousands of hospitalized patients and clinical experience from numerous research projects constitute the foundation on which the composer Niels Eje has created the MusiCure music, and 5 years of research and development preceded the first release in this CD series.

Today MusiCure is used in many contexts, by thousands of private individuals and health care research all over the world and many scientific articles about the effect of this music have been published in International medical journals.

So far the MusiCure CD series has only been available at pharmacies in Denmark and Norway, but through the collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment the music will now be made available to the public in many countries.

The ninth CD in the series entitled “SCANDINAVIA” is soon to be released, and besides being the composer’s personal tribute to his natural heritage, the music on this album is also designed for relaxation and inspiration across global cultural and musical boundaries.

Sony Music Entertainment:

“Being involved with Gefion Records on a project like MusiCure is very exciting for us at Sony Music Entertainment. It’s an extremely unique collection of music, which not only sounds great but has a wealth of background research and results to support it to prove that MusiCure really does work. Working with Gefion Records allows us to move into new and challenging areas of business and provides great opportunities for all involved. We are very proud to support MusiCure and to present it throughout the world in partnership with Gefion Records.” Tessa Bird, Product Manager, Sony Music Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.

“Niels Eje quote: “I am extremely happy about the new cooperation with Sony Music, and that my music now being released in many countries throughout the world for the first time”.

For more information about MusiCure please contact:

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Gefion Records ApS

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