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  • Sony Music Entertainment Launches Season 2 of Shrink The Box, Where Psychology and Self-Help Meet Binge-Worthy TV
  • Apr 10, 2024

Ben Bailey Smith and new co-host Nemone Metaxas will dive into the minds of the small screen’s most iconic fictional characters

April 10, 2023 – Shrink The Box – the hit podcast that delves deep into the psyches of iconic TV characters – is back for a highly anticipated second season, launching on Tuesday 7th May 2024.

The new series will see host Ben Bailey Smith, writer, actor and comedian, return to the mic, alongside a dynamic addition to the team: esteemed broadcaster and psychotherapist Nemone Metaxas.

Nemone is both a beloved voice on BBC 6 Music (with a broadcasting career spanning over 25 years) and a fully qualified psychotherapist. The upcoming season promises even deeper insights, more iconic characters, and unparalleled access into the inner workings of television’s most beloved personalities. 

Shrink The Box will continue its tradition of putting our favourite fictional characters ‘on the couch’, and analysing why their actions drive the drama and captivate audiences. Whilst Nemone analyses what issues might come up if these irrepressible protagonists were her clients, Ben draws back the curtain on how the acting and writing of these fictional creations makes them so flawed, believable and human.

From Frasier‘s neurotic titular character Frasier Crane, to the eccentric Moira Rose of Schitt’s Creek, to Peaky Blinders’ enigmatic Tommy Shelby, Ben and Nemone will offer the perfect combination of psychology, self-help, and must-watch TV as they dissect the behaviour and motivations of The Box’s icons.

Other characters to be explored include the cunning Cersei and Tyrion Lannister of Game of Thronesthe bumbling and endearing Michael Scott from The Office USAand The Bear’s fan-favourite Sydney Adamu.

Ben and Nemone are calling on listeners to write in to [email protected] and suggest characters to be discussed as well as contribute to special ‘Shrink the Inbox’ episodes where they will answer listener questions and discuss their theories and ideas. 

Whether you’re a TV addict or fascinated by the intricacies of human behaviour and therapeutic theory, Shrink The Box is back, available on all podcast platforms from Tuesday 7th May.

Sony Music Entertainment Launches Season 2 of Shrink The Box, Where Psychology and Self-Help Meet Binge-Worthy TV
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