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  • Sony Music Entertainment Launches Season 2 of Seeking: Live Forever, a Weekly Podcast Exploring Life’s Biggest Questions
  • May 31, 2023

In this season, host Katherine Rowland engages with individuals questioning whether being human means we must die…or if living forever is possible.

Sony Music Entertainment Launches Season 2 of Seeking: Live Forever, a Weekly Podcast Exploring Life’s Biggest Questions

WHAT: On Season 2 of Seeking, Katherine Rowland meets with members of a wide and growing movement, life extension and transhumanist pioneers who believe they can use science and technology to overcome mortality. While some of these ideas seem pretty out there (e.g., compiling your consciousness on a chip and beaming it to the cosmos), it taps into a near universal feeling: a fear of the end. 

Bill Falloon has built an empire trying to forestall death—his own and those of his followers. He has made millions selling and manufacturing supplements and helping connect people to overseas drugs they believe will stop disease and turn back the clock. About a decade ago, he founded a community for immortalists, where people congregate around the hope of living forever. Katherine visits the Church of Perpetual Life to uncover whether these people are putting their faith in science, or something else altogether. 

Season 2, Episode 2: THE FREEZATORIA
In 1948, when a wounded vet wrote a short sci-fi story about a rich old man being frozen and resurrected in a distant future he sparked an entire movement: cryonics. For sixty years, researchers have been exploring methods to freeze corpses, in the hopes that one day they can be revived and that the technology will be there to rejuvenate their bodies, cure their illness, or— barring that—upload their consciousnesses to future robotic selves. It had always seemed like a fringe idea, unsupported by science and unlikely to ever be truly possible. Then, tech money got involved, and now the idea of awakening in a perfect future has started to shift into the mainstream. We hear from some of the people making that happen.

Season 2, Episode 3: IS THE FUTURE TRANSHUMAN?
To some it’s a philosophy, a scientific movement or a techno-utopian fantasy, the belief that our species, in its current form, is only half-realized. Biology has been holding us back. But science can set us free. Transhumanists believe that by embracing new advances in biotech, cybernetics, AI and nanotech we will cross into the next stage of evolution. What exactly that evolution looks like is up for debate.  This week, Katherine meets a pioneer of the movement, Natasha Vita-More, whose once science fiction-sounding visions of the future are inching closer to reality.

WHEN: New episodes of season 2 of Seeking premiere every Monday. 

WHO: Katherine Rowland is a journalist and the author of “The Pleasure Gap: American Women and the Unfinished Sexual Revolution.” She is the former executive director and publisher of Guernica and her work has appeared in Aeon, Outside, Psychology Today, The Guardian, and TIME, among other places. She lives in Brooklyn NY.

WHERE: Listeners can follow Seeking each week on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. For more information on the new podcast and all other Sony Podcast shows, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

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