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  • SMG Global Impact Report 2024
  • May 31, 2024
SMG Global Impact Report 2024

Today we’re excited to release Sony Music Group’s 2024 GLOBAL IMPACT REPORT.

Now in its third iteration, this year’s Global Impact Report serves as a recurring opportunity for all of us at Sony Music Group to reflect on our progression, sharing new ways to embolden the future of the music industry and our place within it. Every year, we work to uphold our most foundational values—putting artists and songwriters first, fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, and empowering our communities across the globe.

Once again, our teams came together to highlight our global achievements, diving deeply into the advancement of our talent, our people, our advocacy, our environmental & sustainability efforts and our governance. The result is a testament of your work and commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, transparency and equity. 

We invite you to read through the latest global report and look forward to an update next year.

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