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  • Sony 2024 Social Justice Fund Impact Report
  • Jun 05, 2024
Sony 2024 Social Justice Fund Impact Report

A message from Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman and CEO, Sony Group Corporation:

In today’s world, where diversity is more crucial than ever, our Purpose remains steadfast: to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.

Diversity is one of our core Values at Sony Group. We are committed to supporting a culture where diversity is not only embraced but celebrated as a strength. To embrace diversity and to pursue our Purpose, we will remain committed to driving initiatives utilizing the USD $100 million Global Social Justice Fund and continue to provide support and resources to organizations globally.

This fund serves as an incubator and provides resources to visionary organizations that support critical issues focused on civic and community engagement, criminal justice reform, education, and positive social impact through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The Fund is truly global and its reach and impact has grown every year. Since 2020, we’ve proudly partnered with and supported more than 500 organizations across 70 countries and 7 regions around the world.

Our partners work tirelessly to protect human rights, combat racial discrimination, and provide education and training to those in need. You will find many instances of their efforts throughout this report – like Sony Music Group’s support of Small Green Shoots, to give disadvantaged young individuals access to opportunities within the music and creative industries, Sony Corporation of America’s Support of the International African-American Museum (IAAM) with funding and immersive technology, and Sony Pictures’ long-standing partnership with CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment), to advance Asian American and Pacific Islander representation and bridge gaps in the entertainment industry – just a few examples of the important work of our partners.

Our commitment to creating positive change knows no bounds. And our programs, such as Sony Music Group’s Global Scholars Program and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Career Pathways are launching a diverse group of talented young people into careers of limitless potential.

As we look ahead, the Global Social Justice Fund will continue to support initiatives that lead to creating an inclusive world where all individuals are respected and valued for their unique contributions.

We proudly take on the challenge to provide resources to organizations who share our goals of making our world better and lifting the voices that can inspire positive actions in their communities and beyond.

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