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  • Sony Music Brazil Launches New Program to Boost Digital Transformation in the Brazilian Music Industry
  • Dec 03, 2020

Sony Music Brazil ‘code/stage’ hackathon awards prizes to three projects that harness artificial intelligence and machine learning, including helping the hearing impaired to enjoy music.

Rio de Janeiro, 26 November 2020 – Sony Music Brazil today announced the launch of a new Digital Accelerator Programme to drive Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning (M.L) developments in the Brazilian music market.

Sony Music Brazil will work with a number of companies in the Brazilian developer and start up communities to explore how technology can accelerate the growth of music consumption in Brazil. A key area of focus will be identifying music solutions powered by A.I. and M.L that can support artist career development and better fan experiences, and developing approaches to help further the adoption of those solutions.

Within the business, Sony Music Brazil are also expanding the education and internal adoption of A.I. and M.L solutions, using learning tools such as Brainstorm and LinkedIn Learning to collaborate virtually.

Sony Music Brazil ‘code/stage’ Hackathon Winners Announced

Sony Music Brazil Launches New Program to Boost Digital Transformation in the Brazilian Music Industry

The Digital Accelerator Programme kicked-off with the launch of Sony Music Brazil’s hackathon challenge, code/stage, the first hackathon from a major music company ever held in Brazil. With a focus on further advancing ideas for new music tools and experiences powered by A.I. and M.L, code/stage brought together over 300 participants working in areas such as marketing, design/UX and engineering/development, retail and business development, who worked with a team of 30 experienced mentors from Sony Music Brazil over the course of two intensive days.

Participants created over 30 projects during the Hackathon with three winning projects announced today:

Feel The Music
A project that seeks to enable the hearing impaired to enjoy music. The A.I identifies a music track’s rhythm and translates it into vibrations from a user’s smartphone. As a result, the hearing-impaired are able to feel the vibrations of a song and immerse themselves in the music.

AVAI (Audio Visual A.I)
A project that harnesses A.I to help consumers match music playlists to specific images. With just one image entry, music lovers can enjoy a playlist matched to the moment reflected in the image, providing music that resonates with the user’s mood.

Filtr Hit
A project that accelerates the consumption of music through M.L, by helping an artist spark more interaction and engagement with fans through a range of challenges where consumers use Sony Music Brazil repertoire in their social media videos.

In addition to receiving prizes, winners will also work closely with Sony Music Brazil’s team to scale their projects for real-world application.

Sony Music Brazil plan more collaborations with the country’s tech community via more hackathons, knowledge-sharing panel discussions and talks, and exploring initiatives that build the digital skills of young people primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new Digital Accelerator Programme as we work to use digital innovation to help further grow the reach and commercial opportunities for artists and provide more transparency and ownership for artists of their own data,” said Paulo Junqueiro, Managing Director, Sony Music Brazil. “By deepening our partnership and engagement with the vibrant Brazilian developer and start-up communities, we want to deliver more connections between music lovers and artists and help artists expand their reach to new audiences.”

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