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  • Aug 14, 2020

August 14, 2020 – Sony Music Group today announced a non-partisan civic initiative designed to help educate and offer resources about registering to vote, getting to the polls in November and making a difference in communities across the U.S. The initiative is called Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote and will build on the Company’s existing social justice initiative to foster equal rights.

As part of this campaign, Sony Music is partnering with Rock The Vote, When We All Vote, Color Of Change, Voto Latino, Movement Voter Fund, Black Futures Lab, APIA Vote and National Black Justice Coalition. 

In making the announcement, Towalame Austin, Executive Vice President, Philanthropy and Social Impact, Sony Music Group, said, “Election Day in the U.S. is right around the corner and we know there are many ways voters can make an impact. We are a global company with headquarters in New York City, and we can help empower and mobilize our American artists, songwriters, employees and communities with the information and resources they need to make their voices heard. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, it’s critical that we all do our part to make registering and voting easier and more accessible for all. SMG is proud to use our platform—and partner with others—to support civic engagement and participation in the democratic process.”

Sylvia Rhone, Chairman and CEO, Epic Records, said, “With the widespread call for social justice and the transformative issues facing our nation, we want to galvanize all of our artists and partners to play a significant role in affecting change across our country. The Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote movement is a collective call for action acknowledging our responsibility to use our voices to lift up and empower communities everywhere.”

The news was rolled out to employees via the below note, sharing the campaign details.

Today, Sony Music Group is launching a U.S. campaign to engage Your Voice, Your Power and Your Vote. With 50 days until several states’ voter registration deadlines, we are committed to empowering and energizing our communities around the electoral process and strengthening our democracy.

This initiative invites everyone to exercise their right to vote and will offer critical tools and information for employees, artists and songwriters to share across their networks.

ELECTION DAY: To ensure all U.S. SMG employees have the opportunity to vote and encourage others to vote, the Company will observe a full paid day off for all U.S.employees on Election Day, November 3.

As part of this campaign’s work to close the race and age voting gap, Sony Music is partnering with Rock the Vote, When We All Vote, Color of Change, Voto Latino, Movement Voter Fund, Black Futures Lab, APIA Vote and The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) among others to empower and educate people about the election season. Additional partners will be added in the coming weeks.

You and our artists and songwriters will have the opportunity to make an impact using:

  • Your Voice to learn and educate others about the upcoming election with resources and information
  • Your Power to exercise your right to vote and take action for election day
  • Your Vote to affect change across the country

Get involved: To give voice and power to all voters across the country, visit our community partner websites for resources and get involved in the Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote campaign. Additional social media assets, video content and partner materials will becoming soon.

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