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  • Hit History Podcast This is History: A Dynasty to Die For Returns for Fourth Season
  • Feb 13, 2024

Tuesday 13th February – Sony Music Entertainment has announced the launch of season four of This is History: A Dynasty to Die For. The podcast closely follows the schemes, scandals and ruthless politics of one of the most notorious families in European history: The Plantagenets. Hosted by award-winning medieval historian, broadcaster and author Dan Jones, season one topped Spotify’s UK History Chart and the Apple History Chart in the US.  

Rivalry, treachery, civil war and murder; this period of medieval history features family dynamics akin to Succession, with more backstabbing than The Traitors. Dan brings this hectic world to life through enthralling tales, complex characters, graphic details, and immersive soundscapes. 

Season four tells the story of two kings, Henry and Edward. This father and son team band together to fight the greatest threat their dynasty has ever faced: betrayal from an old friend. Simon de Montfort’s ambitious drive for reform threatens to finish off the Plantagenet rule once and for all. Henry and Edward will do everything to secure their legacy. Family dysfunction drives firm friends to become deadly enemies as they go head-to-head in a catastrophic sequence of events whose repercussions are still felt to this day.

Over 12 action-packed episodes, Dan delves into machinations, mutilations and bloody chaos to uncover the foundations of modern Europe.

If you’ve not yet listened, the first three seasons are available now so you can hear this wild story from the beginning – you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to a Game of Thrones audiobook. Dan guides his listeners through this tumultuous period of history in a manner that’s at once compelling and engrossing, whilst also accessible and fun. School teachers have even been in touch to tell us that they use the podcast in their history classes!

Listen here.

Hit History Podcast This is History: A Dynasty to Die For Returns for Fourth Season
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