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  • Local Impact Reports: SME Brazil Social Justice Task Force On Making a Difference
  • Feb 11, 2022
Local Impact Reports: SME Brazil Social Justice Task Force On Making a Difference

Today, as part of our Local Impact Reports series—which highlights Global Task Forces around the world that are working together to impact local communities with support from the Global Social Justice Fund (GSJF)—we connected with Bruna Araujo, People Experience Manager for SME Brazil to learn more about the team’s impact in the region.

For Araujo, getting involved with the task force was a very natural process. Since the start of the fund, “several initiatives and partnerships have been developed to promote social change,” said Araujo. “We live in a country that suffers from great social disparities and structural racism, where thousands of people are deprived of basic access – especially within the education and employment space. Therefore, when the GSJF was created, we were proud to expand on our efforts to help more local organizations have a lasting impact in our community.”

So where did the team start? Since the beginning of 2021, Araujo and the team worked closely with a consultant dedicated to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) to advance internal training programs including reviewing internal policies and furthering collaboration and partnerships with community organizations committed to ethnic-racial issues around the country. Externally, the team continues to work closely with Redes da Maré, a local organization dedicated to developing programs to increase quality of life and protect civil rights for the population of Maré. In speaking with Joelma Souza, Head of Project Development Management, Redes da Maré, Sony Music’s support “enabled the purchase and delivery of 450 food baskets and personal hygiene kits to 450 families in Maré – directly to their homes – and continue to benefit nearly 1,4000 Maré residents.” Of the relationship, Araujo said “this is definitely one partnership that we are most proud of and hope to keep supporting even more in the coming years.”

As the team continues to work with the local community, their mission is to drive towards building a just society for all. “Our main goal now is to direct all future resources from the Global Social Justice Fund toward actions that not only promote financial support for education programs designed for historically marginalized communities, but also keep engaging SME employees to act as mentors for young people who wish to join the music industry. With constant support from the GSJF, we have the possibility to build projects that connect within our office and within our community. We’re excited for what is to come,” said Araujo.

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