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  • Local Impact Reports: Sony Music Canada On Making a Difference
  • Mar 28, 2023
Local Impact Reports: Sony Music Canada On Making a Difference

This article is part of our Local Impact Report series: a collection of informal catchup-ups where we connect with different members of Social Justice Task Forces within Sony Music. These Task Forces were formed after launching our $100 million Global Social Justice Fund in 2020, to ensure each region in which Sony Music operates is successfully shepherding funds in their area. 

As part of our company’s mission to foster connections with global communities and contribute in meaningful ways, Sony Music Group continues to work with our business divisions across 60 regions to partner with grassroot organizations that are breaking down barriers in communities around the world. We strategically pair with chosen organizations to implement on-the-ground activations and programs, in an effort to drive nonpartisan solutions in areas of civic and community engagement, criminal justice reform, diversity through impact and educational programs.  

Most recently, we caught up with Carmen Spencer, Senior Director, People eXperience, from Sony Music Canada’s Social Justice Task Force. Spencer helps identify key organizations the group can support.  

“We have a core team here in Canada that drives large initiatives, while keeping close contact with various organizations we’ve supported through the Global Social Justice Fund, and develops regional-specific strategies,” says Spencer. “We also have a larger group that comes together primarily when there is a new round of funding, and we explore new organizations for funding.” 

For Sony Music Canada, determining which organizations to partner with is easier said than done—because the goal is far more extensive than just supporting these organizations financially. Together, the Task Force believes that time and expertise is equally as valuable to the community organizations as financial contributions. It’s why they follow these core principles: 

  1. Be advocates for the organization they support through the Global Social Justice Fund. 
  2. Select organizations that can accomplish a significant amount within their ecosystem with the funding provided. 
  3. Support organizations that provide services in historically underserved, underrepresented or marginalized communities.  
  4. Understand the need of the organization and support the community it impacts with product and expertise for the greatest impact. 

There is never a shortage of organizations for the group to put forward for consideration. They also encourage everyone across Sony Music Canada to submit organizations throughout the year. It’s very much a team effort.  

Let’s hear from some of the organizations that have been funded by Sony Music Canada’s Task Force:  

“We leveraged Sony’s grant to coordinate and host a Digital Day of Action around the goals of the Right to Food campaign, which is about mobilizing community members to push for changes at the municipal level. The Digital Day of Action was basically a phone and email zap, with folks first meeting over Zoom to hear from leaders at community groups Dietitians for Food Justice and Birchmount Community Action Council speak on why updating Toronto’s food charter would be relevant to the work they do, and what the tangible impact would be in the communities they serve. 50 people attended the live Zoom event, with a total of 125 people using our email tool to send messages to their government officials.” – Sydney Hyatt, Development Manager
Support Foodshare here.  

Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund 
“This support [from the Global Social Justice Fund grant] allows us to achieve our goal of improving the lives of Indigenous people by expanding our educational programming and creating connections between all peoples in Canada.” – Sarah Midanik, President and CEO
Support Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund here.  

Pour 3 Points
As a longtime recipient of the Global Social Justice Fund, “A heartfelt MERCI for your continued support of coaches, young people and a more just society!” – Meg Hewings, Philanthropy and Partnership Development 
Support Pour 3 Points here.  

Stella’s Place 
On receiving the donation from the Global Social Justice Fund, “Gifts like yours help young people get well, stay well, stay out of hospital and live the lives they choose.” – Catherine Dyer, Director of Development 
Support Stella’s Place here.  

Looking ahead, the Task Force continues to see each partnership as the beginning of a new relationship. It gives their team the opportunity to witness the work being done in the communities around them. This includes organizing a symposium to bring together every organization they have supported through the Global Social Justice Fund and other initiatives.  

Congrats to Sony Music Canada and the work they’ve done to support their community. More to come! 

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