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  • Pride Month 2024: Acknowledging Our Partners Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community 
  • Jun 28, 2024
Pride Month 2024: Acknowledging Our Partners Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community 

Sony Music Group is embracing a singular, unifying theme for every heritage acknowledgement and celebration in 2024: Reimagining CommUNITY. Inspired by the art we create, music can help us strengthen our connections to the people and cultures around us, so everyone can belong and thrive.  

Throughout Pride Month, Sony Music Group proudly celebrated the indelible impact of LGBTQ+ identifying people, while also challenging ourselves to reimagine what it means to be allies to those part of this multifaceted and vibrant community.  

This month also marked the four-year anniversary of Sony’s Global Social Justice Fund, where we recognized the impact of our partnerships driving worldwide systemic change through our newly published Impact Report. Together, the two occasions reminded us of our commitment to create an environment—within and outside of our company—where every person can be authentic and live out loud. 

Below, discover four of our partner organizations that are providing support for the LGBTQ+ community: 

Gay and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society Inc (GLITS) 

GLITS is a Black trans-led advocacy and direct services organization that is dedicated to fighting systemic discrimination against marginalized communities, in New York City and beyond.

Through our Global Social Justice Fund, we partner with GLITS to support their re-entry program, designed to provide participants with the resources and confidence to reintegrate into society post-incarceration. To assist those going through the re-entry process, the program includes various initiatives focused on education, arts and cultural services, including a job skills training program and a reintegration support network. With this program, participants have the opportunity to explore new life paths. 

Read more about their holistic work here

Saffron Records 

With many music tech spaces being male dominated, Saffron Records aims to create one that is safe, welcoming and inclusive of all identities. 

This UK-based non-profit organization focuses on empowering women, nonbinary and transgender people through courses and workshops in music production, mixing and engineering. Additionally, through strategic partnerships with music organizations, they can connect their emerging talent pipeline to meaningful careers within the industry. Their work in uplifting underrepresented communities helps make the music sector more equitable for all. 

Visit Saffron Records’s website to learn more about their work and how you can support their mission. 


GLAAD is an advocacy organization that ensures fair, accurate and inclusive LGBTQ+ representation in media. 

Through our Global Social Justice Fund, we support the GLAAD Media Institute, a program that helps people to build different skills and techniques that lead to positive cultural change. This is achieved through media engagement training opportunities; consulting with organizations, corporations and industries to become active LGBTQ+ advocates; and conducting various forms of research such as fielding studies and evaluating data to bolster their mission and drive action. 

Learn more about how they advance acceptance for the community through media representation here

The Ally Coalition (TAC) 

With LGBTQ+ youth being more likely to become victims of violence and depression, The Ally Coalition (TAC)’s aims to improve their livelihood by raising awareness on the systemic issues they face. 

Through collaboration with high profile artists on tours, social media campaigns and strategic partnerships, TAC mobilizes music fans to join the fight for LGBTQ+ rights worldwide. TAC also produces an annual Talent Show in New York City, which features groundbreaking talent and benefits various LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations.  

Find out more about their efforts to serve LGBTQ+ youth here

While Pride Month has come to an end in the U.S., our Global Social Justice Fund partners make it possible for us to redefine connection and rediscover belonging all year round. We thank them for their continuous support in advocating for the rights and safety of the LGBTQ+ community. 

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